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Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, a medieval and stylish city and looms high and proud as the hilly capital of Scotland, it is one of the most breath-taking city and well known for its rich historical background.

According to history the modern day Edinburgh can be traced back to the early middle ages and has been an inhabitation for thousands of years. It was the largest city in Scotland until Glasgow took over in the 19th Century, fondly referred to as ‘’Athens of the North’’ or ‘’Auld Reekia’’, and the most populous City in the United Kingdom, a density of 1,828 Km2, it is also known for its interest in Education especially in fields such as Medicine, Literature, Sciences, Engineering and Scots Law.

Edinburgh is the financial hub of United Kingdom after London, a prominent and well recognized city with population of approximately 464,990 as at 2016. it houses famous national institutions such as The National Library of Scotland, The Scottish National Gallery, the University of Edinburgh and The National Museum of Scotland, the city hosts the world famous Edinburgh International Festival and the World’s biggest annual International Arts festival ‘’The Fringe’’.

The modern city of Edinburgh is believed to be built on seven hills which are Craig Lockhart Hill, Braid Hill, Black ford Hill, Arthur’s Saint Cotton Hill and Castle rock, it has a temperate and maritime climate, the robust economy of Edinburgh is largely derived from Scientific research, higher education, financial services and tourism. Edinburgh is quite renowned for its rich and colourful culture which is portrayed in form of numerous festivals and celebrations.
The city of Edinburgh is a refreshing mix of medieval memories and moments, modern sights and sounds that is breath-taking, for those who desire to explore the beautiful city, you really cannot get enough of its various attractions.

The city of Edinburgh is divided into 2 major cities which are The old Town and the New Town, the Old town is characterized by historical landmarks and the typical northern European cities layout, the new town on the other hand, is an eighteenth century master piece, which was conceived as a solution to the increasing population of the city.


To get the most of the medieval city of Edinburgh, a 3 days’ tour of the city is enough, you can fully acquaint yourself with the popular attraction sites within the city of Edinburgh in 3 days.

Day One: The day one should be a familiarization day, this day should strictly be for getting a feel of the city, taking a walk around the city and getting acquainted with the new city. The best way to fully explore the nooks and crannies of this beautiful city is on foot.

Day Two: On this day, your touring fully begins, you can start your tour by walking along the two major routes in the city, the princes street, which forms the New Town and the royal Mile goes through the centre of the old Town.
The Royal mile is made up of several sections such as Castle hill, Canongate, Lawn market and High street, while taking this walk, there are several other captivating views along, it might be impossible to do all these tours on foot, but be rest assured that there are buses and trains to ease your tours, do not forget to access the wide range of bars and restaurants around.

Day Three: The best way to round up your tour is by exploring the nightlife and culture of Edinburgh city, you can enjoy the city after dark with its live music, theatres and comedy only in one night, the outstanding qualities of nightlife is fully revealed, take your time to entertain yourself and have a memorable visit.

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It is also important you are kept updated with important tips regarding this city. This will help in your planning and increase your chances of having an unforgettable and memorable visit

Plan Ahead: This is more important for those visiting during the festival season, Festival seasons are characterized by several festivals happening at the same time, although one of the best time to visit Edinburgh, nevertheless, it could be quite challenging for first time travellers or tourists, Hence, before travelling be certain you are equal to the challenge and well prepared for it, or rather, consider planning your tour for some other time.
This period might be fraught with mixed experience and heightened excitement, several shows in a day, accommodations and lodges are hard to get, cabs are equally difficult to get, the city during this period is always agog with all day and all night activities that might be overwhelming for a first timer. For someone who is equal to the challenge of this season, there are quite a number of festivals to enjoy.
The Weather and Smell of Edinburgh: This is another thing to put in mind when planning a visit to the city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is an almost perfect place with its distinctive and peculiar structures, but the weather is something to look out for, the weather is unpredictable, the weather can be a turn off for some first timers, it can be wet, grey and windy in a twinkle of an eye, this can be miserable especially for one who has planned an elaborate tour.
Another thing to watch out for is the smell of the city, Edinburgh have a distinctive and unique smell, the smell is like a blend of beer and sea, for a first timer, this might be a little uncomfortable, the beer-like smell is as a result of the concentration of breweries in the city and the emergence of new ones, the smell is a little strong and unlikely to go away.
Do More of Walking: To fully explore and tour the city of Edinburgh, brace yourself for a long walk. The city of Edinburgh is for walking and it can be enjoyed more by pedestrians and cyclists, it is a small and comfortable city that is easy to walk around, the car traffic is unpleasant, hence, it is advisable you prepare your mind for a long walk or opt for other means of transportations such as buses, trains and the newly re-invented tram system, but this will limit your tour around the city and many beautiful sights may be lost, you can as well get a bicycle and save yourself the stress.
There are quite a number of places that can only be explored effectively on foot, this include the Edinburgh vault and the city’s underground channel which consist of tunnels, caves, stairways and spooky corners. The restaurants and quaint shops are also better explored on foot.
A hilly City: Edinburgh is a city set majestically on the hill, it is built and surrounded by a number of hills. The hills present breath-taking views for first timers, for example, the castle of Esplanade which look down on the city, we also have Cotton hill, this overlooks Arthur’s seat, the top floor of Appleton tower, although not beautiful to look at, it is another way to get the best view. The tower restaurant situated in the National Museum of Scotland is another place to get a nice view of the castle.
The National Dish: Haggis is one of the most popular dish in Edinburgh, it is Scotland’s national dish, it is one of Scotland’s culinary pride, a savoury pudding made up of sheep’s heart, liver, lungs and stomach, onion, oatmeal, sweet and spices. It is a common recipe in Bras and restaurant and very easy to come across as a first timer, some restaurants and bar specializes in this dish. Although, it has frightening reputation, nevertheless, it is worth trying.
A Fair Share of Bars and Restaurants: The city of Edinburgh is composed of more restaurants and bars than any other city in the United Kingdom (UK). It is the city of Food, the foods are reasonably cheap and affordable, with a variety of sea food recipes such as Fish and chips and smoked salmon, Cullen Skink.

For those on modest budget, there are good, rich and cheap food around the central mosque, this place has some of the best value meal. For really nice and affordable food, restaurants such as The shop on the Shore, The Mussel Inn, OINK or the famous Three pigs dish are worth trying.

Languages spokenEnglish
Currency usedPound Sterling

Sports & nature

Edinburgh is not left out in the area of sport, prominent sports in Edinburgh are Football and Rugby other sports includes Cricket, Ice hockey and Basketball among others. The city has three popular football teams which are Heart of Midlothian, Hibernian and Edinburgh City, the hearts of Midlothian is fondly referred to as ‘’Hearts’’ and Hibernian is known as Hibs, they are the oldest football team rivals in Scotland.

The major rugby team in Scotland are the National Rugby team and the Edinburgh Eagles, other teams include Herriot’s Rugby Club, Edinburgh Academicals, Currie RFC and Watsonian RFC.

Nightlife info

Edinburgh is a city rich in culture and this is portrayed in form of various festivals and celebrations, the city hosts several festivals annually between the month of July and September. Prominent among these events are Royal Edinburgh Military tattoo, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Edinburgh International Festival, other festivals include Edinburgh International Science Festival, Scottish International Storytelling Festival, Edinburgh Hogmanay and Imaginate Festival.

Edinburgh Festival is a long standing festival that has been in existence since 1947 when it was first held, it is the coming together of prominent and international directors, conductors, orchestras and theatre companies and majorly composed of classical music performance.

The Edinburgh Fringe is the largest and the most popular festival in Edinburgh and the world’s largest performing arts festival. The Hogmanay is an informal street party held in princes’ street, it is a four days’ procession that involve concerts and fireworks, for those who love the nightlife, Edinburgh has a large number of bars, clubs and pubs to ease out the tension at night, the city usually come to life at night, those who also love to bust a move on the dance floor are not left out. There are clubs and bars in every Edinburgh’s neighbourhood.

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