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About Barcelona

Barcelona, located in Spain, was established as a Roman city in the Middle Ages. It is one of the four main provinces of Catalonia. It is the second largest city in Spain with an urban population of over 4.8 million people after Madrid. It is the capital of Catalonia as well as the largest city too. Barcelona is also the largest metropolitan city on the Mediterranean Sea.

Barcelona is an internationally prominent tourist destination hosting a lot of rich cultural heritage and historical monuments, including museums and galleries, art theatres, film archives and eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are remarkable architectural masterpieces clustered around the city. It has numerous recreational areas, beautiful sandy beaches with a mild and warm climate synonymous with the Mediterranean regions. With over 600 hotels including 36 five star hotels and exquisite tourist centres in place, no doubt Barcelona is the best place for tourist. Here, at Traviva we offer Luxury Hotel Accommodation Deals Barcelona and ensure that you will find the most suitable hotel for you. When you get Luxury Hotel Accommodation Deals Barcelona from us, we guarantee that your tour to Barcelona will become even more exciting. You will enjoy the amazing places of the city and have rest in a comfortable hotel at the end of the day.

Having cemented its name on the lists of world’s major global cities, Barcelona is home to one of the world’s leading tourism destinations with lots of economic, trade fair and cultural centres. The city is well known for commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts. It ranks as one of the major economic, financial and cultural centre in South Western Europe.

Barcelona is one of the richest regions in Spain, owing to its high employment rates for its citizens as well as a High GDP. The city of Barcelona is well integrated with Information and Communication Technology, thus making it a smart city. In the area of transportation, the city is well networked with extensive roads and high-speed rails leading to other parts of Europe. As a major transport hub, it has one of the busiest port and international airport in Spain.
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Religion and Culture

The city is a multi-religious city, with a majority of the population being Christians especially of the Roman Catholic faith, and the lesser population being either Muslims, Jews or Buddhists. It also has a well-developed system of education for its inhabitants with a wide range of public schools from nursery to education available for its citizens. It has four public universities and more than five private universities.

Barcelona is home to a large number of foreign residents from nationalities like Italy, Pakistan, China, France, Morocco, Bolivia, Philippines, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia e.t.c. Barcelona is historically divided into 10 districts:, Sants-Montjuïc, Gràcia, Ciutat Vella, Eixample Horta-Guinardó, Les Corts, Sant Andreu, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Nou Barris and Sant Martí.

For first time visitors, Barcelona is packed with many landmarks and locations that will intrigue. To have a complete tour of Barcelona, it is advisable to stay for at least 7 to 10 days so as to have an all-inclusive tour. The city of Barcelona is very large coupled with the fact that it is home to lots of tourist site attraction, it is advisable not to spend just a few days there as there are lots of attractive places to visits, varieties of delicious cuisines to taste and fun activities to do. Due to the complexity of the city, a tour of the city could be done using the intercity speed rails and tour buses.


  • Though Barcelona is a multicultural city with Spanish is spoken by all, Catalan, a French influenced language is the official language of the city and is exclusive to Barcelona. Learn a little Catalan.
  • The best time to visit Barcelona is in the early spring when massive festivities are in full bloom or in late September or October, during the warm Mediterranean climate.
  • If you like taking dinner early, you may have to adjust because Barcelonans like to have their dinner is always late between 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. The main meal is usually eaten during lunch.
  • Barcelona residents dissociate themselves from the rest of Spain, many of the inhabitants would rather prefer to be addressed as Catalan rather than Spanish. The call for an independent country of Catalonia has been going on for a long time. Don’t get it all mixed up.
  • Barcelona known as a city that never sleeps contains an extensive variety of bars, lounges, and clubs along the beach which makes it perfect for a continuous night of dancing.
  • The city has some of the finest beaches in Europe and the best time to enjoy the beach is between April and late September when the weather is warm. You can travel outside the city to find the best beaches too, as Barceloneta beach is always crowded.
  • Just like other big cities in the world, be security conscious and beware of pick pockets.
  • Barcelona has its own distinctive architectural style known as Modernista or Art Nouveau.
  • Metro closes early, so always have a plan B for night transportation.
  • Also, include “waiting on lines” in your schedules when going to see some of the tourist attractions, this is due to high tourist influx into the city all year round.
  • It’s very hard to see an open shop on Sundays.
  • Tipping off waiters after meals are unusual in Barcelona.
  • Barca is different from Barcelona except you are going to visit Barcelona FC, one of the biggest clubs in Spain.
  • The best way to tour Barcelona is on foot.
Visa requirements

European citizens can enter into Barcelona without visa. For Non-Europeans, entry into Barcelona requires a valid Spanish (Schengen) visa. Visa can be gotten through application to Spanish embassies and consulates with your home country. Processing of visa takes up to six weeks. The duration of your stay is dependent on your visa type. The types of Spanish visas available are:

  • Tourist Visa which lasts up to 90 days. You are not allowed to exceed your stay in Barcelona after 90 days. With tourist visa you cannot study in Barcelona. The number of entries are unlimited.
  • Student Visa is available for students who have gained admission to study in Spain and it usually covers the duration of study.
  • Work Visa usually lasts for 12 months and is subject to renewal. Workers can bring along their families on condition that they don’t work.
  • Retirement Visa which is usually given to Foreigners who wish to spend their retirement in Spain provided they show proof of pension. They are not allowed to work for more than 20 hours a week.



Barcelona is the largest city in Catalonia Region and the second largest city in Spain. The city has a total area of 101.4 km2 (39.2 sq mi)



Languages spokenBarcelona is majorly a bilingual city with a vast majority of its inhabitants speaking Spanish and Catalan as a second language. Another language being spoken is Aranese. Other languages spoken by a few number of people are are;
Currency usedJust like most cities in Europe, Barcelona’s currency is the euro €. There are coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents and €1 and €2 as well as banknotes of €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, and €500.

Sports & nature


Sports is one of the most intriguing aspects of life found in the city of Barcelona. Barcelona has a rich history of sports events such as hosting over 30 international sports event such as – the 1992 Summer Olympics, 1982 FIFA World cup which was played in two of its stadiums, the 2013 World Aquatics Championship. Barcelona has two elite UEFA football stadiums and the largest football stadium (Camp Nou) in Europe with over 100,000 capacity. Football is the most loved sports by Barcelonans, the FC Barcelona football club is one of the most popular and second richest football clubs in the world.

Aside football, other popular sports activities include: Ice Hockey, Skate Boarding and Bicycling, Formula One race series, Rugby, futsal, Handball, Basket Ball, Roller Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, Road running and marathons are organized annually.

The warm Mediterranean climate and lush vegetation in addition to the presence of good road network, makes Barcelona a suitable place for outdoor games and activities such as Biking, road-running, marathons and skate boarding. The natural habitat and rich plain grassland on the outskirts of the city makes it one of the nicest place to be when considering holding a picnic.

Nightlife info


Barcelona is a city that never sleeps, a non-stop city for all round entertainment and fun. The ideal city for lovers of jazz, rock, Latin beats and pop. If you are looking forward to a city with great night life blended with culture, Barcelona is the place! The city has one of the most energetic and liveliest night live in Spain. The night life in Barcelona is diverse to suit every kind of party-goer but still of similar styles and cultures. The city is ever lively with sounds emanating from the world’s top DJ’s. The major areas to enjoy night life in Barcelona are: Raval, Born, Gràcia, Eixample, Port Vell, Gaixample, Port Olímpic, Sant Gervasi – Santaló, Poble Nou.

Popular night clubs and bars to visit include: Port Olímpic, Port Vell, Up And Down, Carrer Numància 17, Bikini, Carrer Deu i Mata 105, Moog Club, Arc del Teatre 3, Salsitas, Calle Nou de la Rambla 22, Torres de Ávila, Avenida Marquès de Comillas, Poble Espanyo, Razzmatazz, Opium Mar, La Paloma, Mojito Club and a host of others too numerous to mention.

Imagine enjoying night life at the sea side, there are lots of open-air clubs and bars on the beachfront and boat parties.

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