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Venice is a city of dreams and one of the most preferred destinations for people around the world. This is a magical city no matter when you visit it. There are so many ancient museums, cathedrals, marvelous castles, art galleries, crisscrossing canals, and beautiful churches. Venice is a romantic destination you will want to come back and explore more and more. A must-visit place in Venice is Grande Canal lined with dazzling castles. Here you will see exquisite bridges built over the canal in a zigzag way. This place is especially beautiful during the sunsets. You will have a nice chance to admire the sparkling water of the canal and feel yourself in the paradise.

You can’t leave Venice without visiting Rialto Bridge. This bridge makes Venice even more romantic adding a rustic charm to the city. Rialto Bridge is an amazing landmark build over Grand Canal. The bridge connects the streets of the city and it is considered to be one of the best tourist attractions in the world. While being in Venice you should also visit Doge’s Palace as an immensely gorgeous palace. St Mark’s Basilica is also a beautiful place to visit. This is a church designed with gold mosaics and works by Renaissance painters. While your visit you will also find yourself in the public square called Piazza San Marco. Here all the all the government buildings of Venice are situated.

Venice never fails in surprising people with its sublime places. Visiting Venice and not tasting gelato can be a big mistake from your side. Gelato is amazing ice-cream and you will always notice a huge crowd waiting to be served. However, it’s worth the wait as you will be able to try new flavors and fresh ingredients you have never tried before. So there are many things to do and to see in Venice and you will always want to come back to this amazing center to explore more and more romantic places. So what are you waiting for? Visit Traviva, book your desired hotel and fly to Venice to enjoy a magnificent tour!

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