Best Places to Stay In Chicago

From Downtown to Uptown, to the Loop and the Parks, we have uncovered the best locations, hotels and accommodation for your next stay in Chicago!

1. Bucktown

In the early years, goats were known to raze this area of Chicago. Consequently, it influenced the popular idea that Bucktown got its name from male goats – bucks. Throughout the years, Bucktown has seen a number of reforms beings passed and many improvements brought into its environment. Today, Bucktown is regarded as one of the happiest and trendiest neighborhoods in all of the city.

Hotels, Apartments, and Accommodations in Bucktown

  1. Hotel Versey
  2. Wicker Park Inn
Why You Should Stay In Bucktown
  1. The people in Bucktown are some of the friendliest characters you will find in Chicago! It is one of the happiest neighborhoods in the city
  2. With street art and a great restaurant and cafe scene, it is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Chicago

2. Gold Coast

Gold Coast is also called Old Town by the locals of Chicago. Its stunning lake views characterize it as one of the best places to stay, especially for tourists who are looking to stay in a beautiful location with beautiful scenery and views. Many tourists are drawn to his part of the city because of its nightlife, its nearness to the lake, as well as its proximity to the business district.

Hotels, Apartments, and Accommodations in Gold Coast

  1. Hilton Chicago Suites
  2. Ambassador Chicago
  3. Hotel Indigo Chicago
Why You Should Stay In Gold Coast
  1. Proximity to the lake and lake views
  2. Proximity to the business district

3. Hyde Park

This area is undoubtedly one of the most toured location during the tenure of the 44th President of the United States of America – President Barack Obama. This part of the city is home to many of the country’s prominent establishments. Two of the most notable institutions in this region are the Checkerboard Lounge and the University of Chicago which is distinguished for turning out eighty seven Nobel Prize laureates.

Hotels, Apartments, and Accommodations in Hyde Park

  1. Chicago Lake Shore Hotel
  2. Shoreland
  3. Park Beach Apartments
Why You Should Stay In Hyde Park
  1. The University of Chicago is enough especially for tourists who are academically inclined.

 4. Lincoln Park

In the 19th century, this area was a mixture of a swamp and a forest. Now, it is the meeting point for singles, especially the ones in their 20s and 30s. It is not just a magnet for singles, it is predominated by Millennials. This neighborhood is known to have a preference for education and fashion. It is a perfect 21st century neighborhood.

Hotels, Apartments, and Accommodations in Lincoln Park

  1. Hotel Lincoln
  2. Corporate Suites Network
  3. The Pittsfield Hotel
Why You Should Stay In Lincoln Park
  1. It is arguably the trendiest district in Chicago
  2. It is a great area for singles who want to enjoy the nightlife

5. River North

The transformation that occurred here has been nothing short of exceptional. This part of Chicago used to be a slum, until realtor Albert Friedman started leasing out buildings to photographers, art galleries, and other agencies. The River North holds the record of having the highest concentration of art galleries in all of the United States. The world’s largest building – Merchandise Mart – is built in the River North. Even the current President of the United States – Donald Trump – built one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in the country, here.

Hotels, Apartments, and Accommodations in River North

  1. Residence Inn by Marriott Chicago Downtown / River North
  2. The Westin Chicago River North
  3. Springhill Suites by Marriott Chicago Downtown/ River North
Why You Should Stay In River North
  1. Huge concentration of art galleries
  2. The presence of the world’s largest building

7. Roscoe Village

In the 19th century, the Roscoe Village was a settlement for the German and Swedish workers. However, the fortune of this settlement has changed over the centuries. It is now known to be inhabited by young families. This area is dominated by trees, small restaurants, and well-maintained houses. It is also known to be very suitable for tourists because of the easy life.

Hotels, Apartments, and Accommodations in Roscoe Village

  1. Roscoe Village Guest house
Why You Should Stay In Roscoe Village
  1. Greenery
  2. Convenient lifestyle

7. South Loop

This area of Chicago has always been a hippy hang out. As far back as the 1900s, this was an area filled with brothels, pawnbrokers, and saloons. Now, South Loop is home to many of Chicago’s major tourist attractions, arts colleges, and media houses. Luxury high-rise buildings and modern architecture houses are found in this district. It is a thriving community that is flooded by tourists and executives every year.

Hotels, Apartments, and Accommodations in South Loop

  1. Chicago South Loop Hotel
  2. Hotel Blake
Why You Should Stay In South Loop
  1. It is home to major tourist sites
  2. You will be intrigued by the modern architecture present here.

8. Streeterville

Streeterville is a very spectacular area in Chicago. This part of Chicago is filled with numerous high rise buildings. These high-rises are being built every year in such a fashion that this area has been identified by realtors as “the Platinum Coast”. Apartments and condominiums in here are packed with more than just basic facilities. It is not surprising to see some of the apartments being rented by banks and influential individuals. If you have the money, this is the place to stay.

Hotels, Apartments, and Accommodations in Streeterville

  1. Ivy Boutique Hotel
  2. DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago – Magnificent Mile
  3. Loews Chicago Hotel
Why You Should Stay In Streetville
  1. The luxury life makes it a top choice
  2. The presence of high rise buildings

9. West Loop

West Loop used to be a warehouse district. A long time ago, Oprah Winfrey built her Harp Studios here. Now, it would be very expensive to build such structure. Most of the buildings here are largely between five and seven story buildings. Realtors are transforming the old buildings into modern day residences. Michelle Obama’s alma mater, the Whitney M. Young Magnet High School is located here. The West Loop is also home to millennials, and tourists love the experience.

Hotels, Apartments, and Accommodations in West Loop

  1. Crowne Plaza Chicago West Loop
  2. Homewood Suites by Hilton Chicago Downtown West Loop
  3. Hampton Inn Chicago West Loop
Why You Should Stay In West Loop
  1. The presence of millennials makes it a lively abode
  2. Transforming architecture

10. Ukrainian Village

This is one of the best areas for every tourist who is seeking some lively nightlife. It is also recommended for Ukrainians or other tourists who would love to experience the Ukrainian life in Chicago. There are elegant boutiques and hip nightspots in this region. This place is also known to serve Ukrainian foods, and the Ukrainian language is slightly spoken in this part of the city.

Hotels, Apartments, and Accommodations in Ukrainian Village

  1. Wicker Park Inn
  2. The Robey Chicago
Why You Should Stay In Ukrainian Village
  1. Fantastic nightlife with great food and wine
  2. Loads of boutiques scattered throughout the area
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