Chicago, often called the Windy City (for good reason) is a bustling city full of personality. Whether your taste is modern roof top cocktail bars or the busy underground jazz scene, this city will leave you feeling fulfilled and yet wanting more. It’s situated along the shores of Lake Michigan which becomes an aquatic playground in the warmer season. The city is well known for its fantastic restaurants, great steak houses, the traditional ‘deep dish pizza’ nightlife and tourist attracts. The list below is our pick of the best tourist attractions in Chicago.

  1. Art Institute of Chicago

This is a world famous museum having hundreds of thousands of art works. It has a diverse collection of arts spanning thousands of years. In its collection, it also includes pieces from a variety of media such as photographs, paintings, sculptures, textiles, architectural prototypes, et cetera. It hosts a collection from impressionists George Seurat and Renoir. This is a world class art museum and you should visit this museum for its wide range of collections.

  1. Millennium Park

The Millennium Park can be sighted in downtown Chicago along the Michigan Avenue. The major features of the Millennium Park are the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, which is a famous venue for outdoor concerts; the Crown Fountain; Lurie Garden; and the well-crafted Cloud Gate sculpture located at the AT&T Plaza. The Millennium Park is located very close to many of the top tourist sites. It is an area with the presence of great shopping centers. The Millennium Park is a very fantastic place to visit, especially if you want to visit other tourist attractions without having to travel long distances.

  1. Navy Pier

In 1916, the Navy Pier was originally opened to serve as an amusement park as well as a shipping facility. Recently, it has become one of Chicago’s most famous tourist sites. The Navy Pier has a land mass of fifty (50) acres which accommodates its gardens, shops, restaurants, parks, and concert venues. The Navy Pier holds festivities all year long. The Navy Pier also has cinemas where guests can watch movies in 3D.  It is a well-rounded tourist site. It has more than enough for every tourist irrespective of social inclination.

  1. Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is the home of the Chicago Cubs. This facility was built in 1914. The stadium is one of the most distinguished stadiums in the United States. It is capable of seating 39,000 people. It is one of the landmarks of the Major League Baseball. This stadium is also packed with other perks. This stadium is always full of energy as Chicago locals troop out in thousands to support their steam. It is one of the sporting pride of the city. You can take a tour of the stadium without necessarily going out for a match. You should visit here to have a feeling of the energy of Chicagoans.

  1. Shakespeare Theatre

The Shakespeare Theatre in Chicago is a seven story theater. It offers seats for just seven hundred people; a five hundred seat courtyard theater, and a two hundred seat black box theater. It is located on the 800 East Grand Avenue, Chicago. The theater is modelled after William Shakespeare’s ingenuity of storytelling, language, and empathy for human condition. The theater prides itself on world-class artistry, educational programs, and its impeccable productions. The Shakespeare Theatre is one of the leading producers of plays in the city. It is quite famous to regular tourists who seem to visit the theater during every visit to Chicago.

  1. Museum of Science and Industry

Founded in 1933, the Museum of Science and Industry is possibly the most remarkable museum in the city of Chicago. The Museum of Science and Industry is located at the north end of Jackson Park. The museum, as it name implies, is more inclined to technological advancement and industrial development. It is believed that the Museum of Science and Industry is the leading museum in the United States to incorporate the idea of hands-on exhibits. Tourists are convinced to interact with exhibits. It is one of the best attractions to those who lean toward the science and technology niche.

  1. Field Museum of Natural History

The Field Museum of Natural History was originally named the Columbian Museum of Chicago. The museum was founded in 1893 to exhibit the biological and anthropological collections that were garnered for the Columbian World Exposition. In 1905, the name was changed in an effort to honor Marshall Field, a department store owner, and a prominent benefactor of the museum. Collections in this museum are approximately 20 million and they extend to such disciplines as geology, zoology, and botany. It is a museum that interests almost anyone as a result of its diversity.

  1. The Willis Tower

This is the tallest building in Chicago, and the second tallest in the United States of America. The tower was formerly known as the Sears Tower. However, since 20009, its name has been changed to the Willis Tower which has not been welcomed by Chicago residents. The view from the Willis Tower is just exceptional. Standing on this tower, you can see up to four states. The view is just impressive. The tower has a height of 1,453 feet, with the observation area on the 103rd floor, about 1,353 feet above the ground level! The tower is usually full of tourists wanting to have a view. This tower should be top of your list because they are only two in the whole of the United States.

  1. The Rookery Building

The Rookery Building is one of those structures that you will see and just conclude that “this is one of a kind”. It is one of the buildings that triggered Chicago being labelled the architecture capital of the world. This building has been modelled and remodeled by the best architects. This massive infrastructure was designed by legendary architects Daniel Burnham and John Root in 1888. Then in 1907, it was remodeled by the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The 12 story building combines the Roman Revival and the Queen Anne style façade. The interior is where you will marvel the most. The building is on the eminent Register of National Historic Places.

  1. John Hancock Center

This is one of the tallest buildings in the city of Chicago. This facility has a height of 1,125 feet and can be easily recognized by its dark metallic exterior. The building which was completed in 1970, is home to a variety of offices and apartments. Visitors are welcome here, and are allowed to enjoy the views from the observation area located on the 94th floor.